Autotel Technical Help :

Autotel Technical Help :

Please refer to the CD sleeve for the installation.
This section is provided to help you with any problems you have in the installation process.
Because of the many computer configurations, installation problems occur from time to time. I
will update this page when any of these problems persist.

Click here for a copy of the installation instructions

Reported Instillation Errors-

bulletSystem Files Out of Date  "Install program asks you to restart but same error occurs over"
bulletInstallation Error 429  "Active X cannot create object"
bulletError 13 
bulletError 76   "Path not found"
bulletError 94   "Run-time Error 94 Invalid use of Null"
bulletError 429  "Active X cannot create object"
bulletError 430  "Class does not support automation . . ."
bulletError 339  "Runtime error 339"
bulletVB4.0 Drivers   "This is a beta test to solve some Win98 MDAC issues"
bulletInstalls/Updates successful but I do not show new data   "This can be a Windows Vista, Windows 7, & Winodws 8 issue."

Reported Update Errors-

bulletUpdate Workaround  "Problems with updating Autotel? Here is a file copying procedure to solve issues"


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