Installation Instructions -  

System Requirements:


Pentium 100+ recommended


65 meg hard drive space to install 55 meg for operation


1024 x 768 minimum resolution monitor REQUIRED



This program is designed to run on Microsoft Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP, and VISTA home or business.
It will not run Windows version 3.1 and longer can support Window 95 or 98.

Installation -

Step 1-

The below DCOM file is for reference purposes. Microsoft has quit support on Windows 95 & 98. You can
try to install  Autotel on these systems but I cannot guarantee it will work

Important: This version of Autotel needs certain data files that may or may not be on your computer.

Before you setup, run the DCOM98.EXE file for Windows 98, ME, or the DCOM95.EXE file for Windows 95.
(Supplied for those who want to try and install on older, non-supported Windows version)

(Windows 2000, NT, XP, or VISTA do not need these files.)

These files are included on the CD.

To run DCOM, click on the "My Computer" icon or "Windows Explorer" and open the folder where your CD resides. Double click the appropriate DCOM file. The file will run.
You may need to restart your computer after DCOM runs.

If by chance you have a newer version of DCOM already installed on your computer, the older version will not load over the newer version.

Step 2-

From the task bar (usually at the very bottom of your computer screen), click the "Start" then choose the "Run" option. In the "Open" text box, type "d:\setup.exe" where d is the name of your CD ROM drive. If you do not know your CD drive letter, click the browse button to find.

Step 3-

Click the "OK" button, the setup/installation will begin.
Follow the instructions in the setup program. Setup will take several minutes.

Information provided by Bob Thompson of R.T.M.
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Copyright 2011 AUTOTEL. All rights reserved.
Information in this document is subject to change without notice.