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Will Autotel work on a Windows Vista or Windows 7?
Autotel will work on Vista and Windows 7 in 32-bit mode.
Will Autotel work on a MAC computer ?
Autotel has not been tested on the new dual-core MACs. Autotel has been tested for Microsoft Windows ME or higher platform.
What type of Windows will Autotel work on ?
Autotel works on Windows platforms including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
Microsoft has suspended support on Windows 95 & 98 so support will not be available on these platforms.
My computer monitor has resolution is less than 1028 wide, will Autotel work ?
Autotel will work but you really need the larger resolution screen to see all the information. Most smaller resolution screen allow you
to use the arrow key to pan a screen left or right. However, I strongly recommend the standard higher resolution on at least 1028 wide.
I have several computers in my business. How many computers can I install Autotel on ?
You can install Autotel on as many computer in you business as you need. We license Autotel to the business not to any number of computers.
I have on old DOS version of Autotel, do you still support this version ?
We no longer support the DOS version of Autotel. Order the latest update version and you will be set with the most current version.
I have an older notebook computer that does not have a CD drive, can I get Autotel on 3 Ĺ disks ?
No, you need to buy an external CD drive or update your computer, sorry !
How often do you update Autotel ? What is the cost of these updates ?
We update Autotel once a year. The release date depends on the availability of the information provided by lock manufactures. The cost of updates for
2010 is $89.95. Order from your Auto Security distributor.
I have missed some updates in the last couple of years, do I need to buy an update for each of the missed years ?
No. The update released always catches you up to the current information for registered users.
There is an exception however. If you do not at least have version 4.0 you will need to buy a whole new program.
I have Autotel for Windows but I am not sure if it is up-to-date, how do I tell ?
The current version of Autotel is 9.0.X (X can be a number between 1 and 4). At the start of any version of Autotel, the splash screen will show you the version number. If you have version 4.X you can purchase the update and be set. You can also access this splash screen from the HELP menu VERSION option in the main Autotel program.
I notice that many of the parts fields are blank, what does that mean ?
If the parts fields are blank, this means that no part is available through locksmith distribution channels. More that likely, you will need to get these parts from a auto dealer.
What if there are several manufacturers making a part, who do you list ?
Autotel lists the original part manufacture first. If there is another manufacture who make the same part, Autotel will list them as an alternative part. For example, on a 1992 Ford Thunderbird, Autotel lists ASPís part first because ASP sell Hurd parts, the original manufacture.
I have noticed the pricing information on parts, how do you come up with this list price ?
Autotel uses manufacture published list and dealer prices. You can change the price you sell a part to your customer by changing the Markup values in the Autotel program. The default markup value is 2.0. You can easily change this to whatever you want.
How do you come up with the predefined labor values ?
Autotel finds these labor times in the major collision manuals used by auto repair businesses.
Can I enter my own labor times for vehicle servicing ?
You can enter you own labor times in the estimate window. Autotel will use your own labor time whenever it finds a value greater than 0 in the locksmith time field.
I have noticed predefined values in Service Call, Labor rate, and Tax charges, can I change these values ?
You can change any of these values at the estimate or changes these in company setup which customizes charges for you business.

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