Installation Errors-


"Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system. Click OK if you would like setup to update these files for you now. You will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again. Click cancel to exit setup without updating system files."

After Windows restarts and you begin the installation again, the error message appears again.

This is a known issue with Microsoft.

If you print this out, you may want to use the landscape setting on your printer.

If you find this too difficult, call me and I will send you a modified CD but you will at least need to do Step 1.

Here is a work-around that should help you install Autotel.
It is really rather easy if you know Windows.

1)First, leftover files from a failed install need to be deleted:
"Leftover files from a failed Setup attempt can also cause this problem. If found, delete the msftqws.pdw subfolder and its contents from the Temp folder. Also look in the Windows or Winnt folder for Setup1.exe and any *.CAB files from previous installs, and delete them. This should be done after each failed install." Microsoft
I would recommend using the windows search files and folders for the msftqws.pdw folder, if found, delete it.
Use search to find  the Setup1.exe file, if under the Windows folder, delete it.
Use search to find the Autotel.Cab file, if under the Windows folder, delete it.

2)Next, you will need to copy the contents of the CD to a temporary folder on your hard drive.

Please note that you must have your folder options set to show hidden files and file extensions.

To do this, you need to create this folder as shown above. Call the folder AutotelTemp.
(You can call it any name you wish)-

Copy the all the files on the CD to the newly created folder-

Open the new temp folder, highlight the setup.lst file, right click,
and chose open with / Notepad-

3)Next, you will need to modify the setup.lst file as follows-

Here is a sample of a original setup.lst file-

In the [Bootstrap Files] section the install program will need to ignore the following files

File3=@STDOLE2.TLB,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(TLBRegister),,6/3/99 12:00:00 AM,17920,2.40.4275.1
File4=@ASYCFILT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,3/8/99 12:00:00 AM,147728,2.40.4275.1
File5=@OLEPRO32.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,3/8/99 12:00:00 AM,164112,5.0.4275.1
File6=@OLEAUT32.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,4/12/00 12:00:00 AM,598288,2.40.4275.1

To do this, put a colon at the beginning of each of these lines.
For example:
;File3=@STDOLE2.TLB,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(TLBRegister),,6/3/99 12:00:00 AM,17920,2.40.4275.1
;File4=@ASYCFILT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,3/8/99 12:00:00 AM,147728,2.40.4275.1
;File5=@OLEPRO32.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,3/8/99 12:00:00 AM,164112,5.0.4275.1
;File6=@OLEAUT32.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,4/12/00 12:00:00 AM,598288,2.40.4275.1

You will also need to renumber the last file in the [Bootstrap Files] section.

To do this, change the File number as shown:

File3=@msvbvm60.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,1/18/08 11:35:15 PM,1386496,
(The files need to be in sequence.)

Here is a sample of a modified setup.lst file-

4)Save the file.

5)Run setup.exe from the temporary folder and the install should now work.

6)Remember to delete the temporary folder when you are finish.

Again, remember, if this is too complicated, I can send you a modified CD.
Please call 800-367-5625

Bob Thompson

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