Installation Errors-

Known installation problems:

Windows 95 Platform -

"Error 429 Active X cannot create object"
    Problem: When starting the program Autotel, you receive this error.
    Solution: Run the program DCOM95.EXE provided on the Autotel CD, then reinstall Autotel.

Error : "Cannot start main setup program ! (Create Process() returned error code 0x000000C1H)
    or  "The system could not locate the file '<Temp Folder>\Windows\Temp\Msftqws.pdw\St6unst.exe"
Cause 1: Damaged diskette, or setup file.
    Solution 1: Contact us for another disk.
    Cause 2: Left over files from a previous installation attempt
    Solution 2: 
1. On the target computer, search for a copy of the file in the Windows folder. If found, delete it. (Setup places this cab file in Windows folder and removes it at the end of a successful Setup.
2. In the Windows\Temp folder, look for the subfolder named Msftqws.pdw. If found, delete the subfolder.
3. On the target computer, locate the following files. If any of these files have a size 0 bytes, delete them-  \Windows\System\Vb6stkit.dll   \Windows\St6unst.exe.
    Cause 3: Machine specific problem.
    Solution 3: Contact us and we may need to forward problem to Microsoft.


Here is a very helpful link with the latest Microsoft Drivers >

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