Error 429-

"Run-time Error 429
ActiveX component can't create object"

    Problem: The version of Autotel currently running on your computer does not have the latest
                  Microsoft script drivers that the update program is expecting these on your machine.
    Solution: Download one of the following files and run this program.
                  Once installed, run the update program again.
                  If you  would like a CD with this file on it, call us at R&H Wholesale 800-367-5625
                  and we will send you one no charge.

           FOR WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS ME, or WINDOWS NT 4.0
                      scr56en.exe (664 KB)

           FOR WINDOWS 2000 or WINDOWS XP
                      scipten.exe (659 KB)

                         If you are downloading on of these file, save this file to a temporary
                         folder on your computer. Once saved, double-click the file to launch.

Here is a very helpful link with the latest Microsoft Drivers >

If you are still having problems installing the update, you can use a work around method. Click on the following link Autotel Update Work Around.

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